GeekLife: Blogging Warframe Goodness

WarFrame Worlds ImageI’ve been playing Free-To-Play games on Steam for some time now, and I haven’t purchased any actual game from it except Dota 2 which I enjoy playing almost every day, but about a week ago I decided to start downloading Warframe and try it, I downloaded other games like Archeblade, Banner of Saga, ROSE, Tribes but none appealed to me as much as Warframe did.

All these games made me go online all the time, the thing is I have a pretty bad, slow, and lagging Internet, just the other day I was playing Dota 2 and I had to stay in the base because of the 1000 Ping rate which made it impossible for the frames to move, but Warframe fixed this for me.

I was surprised to see that although this game is really an AAA game with gorgeous graphics, the only lag it had was when I kill my enemies they stand still in their spot but I even know that they’re dead thanks to the giant hp kill thing that is shown. Aside from the Internet you can even play it solo which adds a harder view because I tried it alone, and you can also choose to only play with your friends which is an added bonus.

Warframe My Character ImageAnyway the image you see above is the worlds that the game has, I just started playing it so only one world is open now. If you look at it, the game doesn’t have much worlds right? Wrong! Every world has more worlds in it, the one I’m in has about 9 levels I think, not to mention the fact that I’m playing each stage about 3 times, I’m not losing but I’m playing it online AND solo, the friend part will happen when someone of my friends decide to do so (If any of you guys have it I would be happy to add your SteamID).

So the game is a 3rd person action shooter, but it happens to have some fine RPG elements like the ones in Borderlands 2, your character and your weapon use gets XP points for raising rankings, you can also buy items for reviving, covering HP, improving weapons, and of course buying weapons.

Now some people only care about the graphical ability of the game before deciding to play it, the graphics are really detailed and completely admirable in every single way, I’ve been playing this game for two days now and Ii think you just figured out how much I like it.

Warframe is developed by Digital Extreme, I encourage everyone to try it, have fun and don’t forget to add me on Steam! GamerGuy321, until then…



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