GeekLife: Blogging School Project Finished?

The Start of JumpOn

Yup, that’s me! 😉

A couple of my lovely readers asked me on twitter about my school project and if it made the fair, just before I talk about it I want to thank them for caring so much about it… Thanks guys!

Last time I talked about it was way back March 15th, between that time and now I was able to actually make 2 different games, the maze which I mentioned, and the one I’ll be talking about today. The maze turned out to real good, but not good enough I guess so I decided to work on another game.

I slept on that idea and woke up with it being my project, most importantly I went solo with the idea because I felt I needed to do it, I’ve been working on the game I call today Jumpon and I think I just finished it, though I have new ideas coming in and out each minute so I want submit it yet.

Gameplay in JumpOnThis is a part of the game where the paddle named Neras and the ball Renas are helping each other reach the beauty of Heaven and stopping the power of Hell from destroying it, of course the little information and retro graphics won’t really tell you about it but the idea is in my head.

As you might’ve guessed the game is an arcade game and it’s really fun, instead of having a counter alongside the map while the Neras & Renas help each other out, I decided to make it a really short but kind of hard stage to beat. I also add a sound effect for when the ball touches the paddle (Renas touches Neras) and of course some music alongside the 2 minute long stage.

Hell and Heaven in JumpOn

This is almost the end when Neras got so hot that he melted and Renas’s shape is switching inside out (Notice the current image from the one before it). Most of my friends know that I’m working on different stories so I can make a game out of them, some I already wrote how I want them to be and Jumpon is one game I want to be able to fully finish it someday so your support would be great.

Anyway thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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