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ReportCard Image A++


Okay so I was kind of going crazy on twitter saying I’ll buy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate once I get my report card, well I did get my report card but I didn’t buy the game… Yet. The thing is, I got the report card, passed, but down about 100 grades thanks to accounting courses we take, so I got into a huge fight with my parents but thankfully the end turned out to be good as dad said “Son! Go buy your stinking game”.

So little me went to buy the wonderful 3DS copy of this game, but as I reached the retailer, the game is… SOLD OUT. If you see the picture below, that is what I wanted to do with the counter, like DAMN!

Annoyed and angry meme


Yes my luck is as bad as fuck because he won’t get the game until next week, and a week sure is long right? Well who cares about time, I got lots of new used PC games, the first rhymes with ***shock Infinite and the second with ***ident Evil 6. Not to mention MMO Steam games like the AWESOME Archeblade, and Dota 2 right?

Wait a second, did you forget The Walking Dead Survival Instinct? I love this game but since the last time I blogged about it I couldn’t find some time to play, heck I’m surprised I was able to stay active here! Anyway thanks for reading everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been active, until next time…

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