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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct


So I mentioned about two days ago that I got the game you see above for my PC, sadly the game didn’t work until yesterday and I haven’t been able to play it that much but I’ll try to keep up at it.

Unlike the Telltale The Walking Dead game, this one is based on the T.V series which means it’s action based and not Point-and-Click. Before buying the game I decided to read a review, all of the reviews stated that it was bad and actually under the review’s average like IGN and others, but to the much I played in this game, I see that it’s a good game that would deserve about an 8 maybe, but as I said I haven’t got far in the game that much.

I haven’t watched the series or even read the comics, but when Greg Miller actually said he liked the Point-and-Click one I wanted to try it out… Boy did I have fun! And if you think that the comic-like graphics make the game bad then think again, aside from the story the Point-and-Click gameplay is used perfectly and I can’t wait for season 2 of the game to commence.

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