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If any of you guys don’t know, Anonymous is a hacktivist group that started on 4chan and imageboard back in 2003, it is now considered to have one of the smartest electronic minds you can find, its members and supporters are distinguished by wearing stylized Guy Fawkes masks.

I have to say that I respect this group as the best of protecting the rights of humankind, they really work best on creating a world that can’t criticize any person and gives him a real freedom of speech and thoughts. The current mission for the group is hacking Israel servers and may I say, thank you Anonymous, I hope I can work with you someday.

Thanks for reading this short article, but I felt the urge to talk about this, tell me what you think about Anonymous below!

GeekLife is not associated with Anonymous but we do support them in #OpIsrael %100

One thought on “GeekLife: Blogging Anonymous

  1. “Whether one approves or not, Anonymous are the future”, that’s what everyone (media & people alike) are saying.

    The world will know the identity of whom really needs the support, & that is Palestine.

    Thank god, & thank everyone who work to get the rights back to its true owner.

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