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Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 Main Characters

Okay so I didn’t write even a small article the past 3 days, well I was busy finishing a core installment of a franchise that was responsible of getting me where I am right now, getting me into what I live for these days, gaming! You see, when I was young, I woke up everyday to watch this really cool anime that has a young boy named Ash take his Pikachu and travel across different regions to catch em all.

When my mom’s friend got me a Gameboy Color I was filled with tears of joy! You know why? Simply because the game I got with it was non other than the anime I watch everyday before I go to school, I played the game and I loved it so I kept getting more games for it hoping someday it’ll get more like it!

I grew older and my uncle decided to buy me something because I was doing great in school, I told him I want a Pokémon, he laughed and went away for about an hour, as soon as he came home, I found a beautiful little handheld called GameBoy Advance, he also got me Pokémon Ruby too, don’t worry I also got Emerald and FireRed too.

Pokemon Platinum Image

When I reached the 7th grade, about 5 years ago, I started thinking what I want to be when I’m older because simply, I had nothing better to do, so my uncle’s wife told me Hey Omar, if you love games, why don’t you make some?“. At that time I never knew someone like me would be able to make a game, so I decided to delve a little into the world of gaming, searched every day for some Pokémon news. After I recognized that Nintendo is the one that makes Pokémon games and their latest ones are on a handheld named the DS, so I went to buy they DS light, played all the Pokémon games even Dash, and of course played others like Kingdom Hearts, The Legend of Zelda…

I kept searching and reached a point where I was up to date with all the news, reviews, previews, magazines, blogs and all that. Continued this way until reaching the position I hold right now!

Anyway I was planning on making this article about Pokémon Black 2 which I was only able to buy last Tuesday and I finished it today, that’s 5 days of amazing rpg, and about 45 hours of core gameplay, finished the main story and I still have some minor stuff to do but trust me, these minor missions are not like the ones of Assassins Creed and its likes, these side missions are an important part for the gameplay experience that no one should miss when they finish it.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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