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Google Glass

Okay so everyone thinks that the future will be filled with awesome sci-fi action inventions we see today, actually some of them are happening right now, maybe not as we thought they would, but at least they are! The picture you see above is Google’s newest invention simply named, Google Glass.

I think I saw this before, it reminds me of a little series I like to call Dragon Ball Z. And no, this device won’t let you measure the power of your opponent, sigh. It’s actually a sharing device that looks to be capable of getting 3G connection, I don’t really think you’ll understand what I’m talking about until you watch its video —>HERE—<

So we got the sayin thing over us, let’s move over to something we call NFC! It’s popular right? People who think they know it say that it’s just for phones instead of bluetooth, well Mr. Silly, please take a look at Skylanders games now, what do they use? And take a look at  the Wii U’s NFC and how awesome it’ll be when Pokémon Rumble U is released. Tell me now, after you google what I just talked about (A certain person, not you my lovely readers) think of what more can NFC do.

3DS Augumented Reality

Enough about NFC, what about AR? Will it come back to life? Or will it be ruined again with the stooped smartphone stuff? You see, I love technological stuff, and I hate when something really good is wasted on devices such as smartphones, but because now smartphones are the real deal to people, they’re getting stuff like AR just to say that they are.

If only Nintendo was able to show the capability of AR? Oh wait, they can! The 3DS has AR Functionality just like the Wii U has NFC, sadly not much people were interested back when the 3DS first launched, but wait, it’s Nintendo, they CAN bring it back and I hope they will.

If it isn’t Nintendo then what about Sony, the Vita has AR functionality and a good one too, just make a game that supports AR, follow ghosts or something and actually enjoy this little handheld’s power for crying out loud.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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