GeekLife: Blogging Back From the Camp

Camping Tent

Last time I told you that I’ll be camping for 3 days with the scouts and come back on Monday, and I did! But due to something called You  shouldn’t sleep 3 hours in 3 days only” I had to sleep through Monday and get back to my regular writing on Tuesday… Which is today.

The camp was really fun, the kids (I’m the leader of a group) were kind of listening, they were scared to death when we went to the valley but I think they’re better now. I was in charge of teaching all the groups how to guard at night, boy was I proud when they actually attacked me. Want to know why? Just keep on reading below.

You see, at night, no one is allowed to get in the base unless they know the password so I sneaked out, got a mask, when I tried to pass the guards… They actually attacked me. *Proud*

My group happened to be kind of mixed, I had the goody goody, the dummy, the cry baby, and the… baddy baddy, I think it’s  called like that. I thought my group was a fail but clearly I was wrong as one of my troops was chosen as The Perfect Scout” and I was The Perfect Leader“. Too bad the group wasn’t the perfect group, but it was such an amazing camp, and seeing these kids improve like that almost got me crying out of joy.

The funniest moment was when the cry baby almost tear 😉 his pants when I tried to pass, but three attacks later, I knew that kid improved. Now we have the scariest moment, I already told you I sneaked out, but how did I do that? Wen between the branches, went in a circle across the valley, alone, and my flashlight was about to die, good thing I got my extras with me!

The food was somewhat tasty, I think not all this walking will make the You know what taste like chocolate but how should I know? Right?

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time!


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