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Okay so the Vita has been out for some time now and it didn’t sell as it should, probably because of two major things Sony should keep in mind, if the console doesn’t sell, 3rd party developers won’t support, and if 3rd party support isn’t found, the system will not sell, it’s a wild and unfortunate thing that the world here has.

Now looking at the price of the Vita, it’ll get about nothing, this system is a joy to use, and Ii can think of millions of ideas for games that can use it’s capabilities, but the world of gaming doesn’t work like that, it’s because of what I mentioned earlier, and simply because it’s Sony, they aren’t working this out as they should.

Lots of people say Sony shouldn’t have added the touch pad, the touch screen, or the AR, well when they get rid of that, what makes the Vita better than the 3DS, or any handheld device, even when it is in the current state of pricing, it won’t be going anywhere. When the 3DS wasn’t selling, Nintendo took the Monster Hunter game into hands, cut the price of the 3DS so that people would buy it, and what a way it was to show 3rd party developers how to sort it out.

Now that everyone knows the Vita is cool, all we need is games! And just like what Nintendo did with Monster Hunter, all they need right now, is to cut the price and take the chance with Keiji Inafune’s Soul Sacrifice, they should have done that with Playstation All Stars Battle Royale but no, they’re too rich to do that.

I know the Vita can and should be a great success but Sony doesn’t really get what the handheld market is all about, here is me hoping for a price-cut by E3 because that’s all it needs. Thanks for reading everyone, I want you to know that I won’t be posting an article till Monday because in about 3 hours, I’m going camping for 3 days! Until then…

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