GeekLife Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Sora Riku and Mickey

When I bought my copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, a follower on twitter wanted to know how good this game was, I told him to wait for the review and he’ll be glad to hear it.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance certainly is not a game to the ages because its sequel will take its spot, since the Kingdom Hearts series started, it brought nothing but joy to Disney and gaming fan alike, I won’t say this game got “Swag” because lots of people say this word is overused, so I’ll say it’s a can’t miss opportunity if you’re planning on buying the next installments of the series.

I think people already know of my love to the series, if not from the two paragraphs above then maybe this “GeekLife: Blogging Kingdom Hearts” article will, or maybe this “Talking Point: A Better Look at Kingdom Hearts” article I wrote on nintyshroom can do a lot better!

Kingdom Hearts offers you one of the deepest game experiences you’ll ever meet and Dream Drop Distance is no different. A well-built game that offers you about 25-30 hours of gameplay, that is if you’re playing it on a normal difficulty.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Sora and Riku

The game continues the story of the old characters, and trust me, you do not want to dive into the story without a wiki sitting right next to you, I won’t spoil it a lot because some of you might haven’t played it yet.

The game follows the story of Sora and Riku as they take their “Mark of Mastery Exam” by Master Yen Sid, the past games had the characters free several Disney worlds but this time, the story explains that these worlds were restored but they are in a matter of deep sleep that disconnects them from other worlds, they are also full of Malevolent Dream Eaters that Sora and Riku fight along the way.

All Sora and Riku have to do is unlock the seven sleeping keyholes within these worlds and reawaken them while being guided by player-created benevolent spirit dream eaters.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Sora in Battle

Just like some of the older games in the series, you’ll be playing with two characters, Sora and Riku, but this time Square Enix put in a little trick, unlike older games, you won’t be playing the entire game with a character and move to the others when you finish him because they decided to put something I like to call, the DROP gauge.

This DROP gauge makes players switch characters every time it ends, making players experience different and sometimes harder situations, you’ll also have to know that this DROP gauge relates to the story so I don’t think you’ll be hearing about it much in the next game although the secret ending of the game begs to differ.

You’ll also have fun creating the benevolent spirit dream eaters I mentioned earlier, some of them were distributed in AR so I think you’re going to love it, not to mention having them fight with you as a small party of 3, I even thought of these creatures rivaling Pokémon, although it’ll be one tough challenge to beat the million dollar franchise.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Sora and Dream Eaters

I guess the only problem is the boss battle as every world has at least one boss, and trust me, you do not want to know how Riku’s final ones were. I can’t say they weren’t fun and I felt really proud of myself after beating them as they are some of the hardest, toughest, and most mind-blowing fights you’ll ever be in.

So we covered the gameplay and the story, before I talk about music, I want to mention a little problem I had with the controls, Kingdom Hearts games always feel better controlled on a console but this time they are so much better, especially if you’re using the circle pad pro so I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 will make a move toward the 3DS again!

I’m used to concentrating on music in games a lot to see how it works with the theme of the level, threat, and all of that so it’s pretty good, not Kid Icarus but still a great experience booster.

————————————————————The Verdict————————————————————

An Amazing story and amazing gameplay, what can I say? Bottom line is, just like me, everyone is going to love this game, maybe the boss part will be a downer for some of you but not me, Square Enix has done it again!



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