GeekLife: Blogging TMNT

TMNT Image

Hello everyone and welcome to another GeekLife: Blogging article, this time I want to discuss something really important and it consists of 4 words… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

We all know TMNT, we all love them, and now that Michael Bay is making the reboot of the series, our childhood has a %90 chance of falling down the toilet, but damn it, this guy’s toilet movies get him billions so never mind that. Michael Bay has been criticized a lot, and by “a lot” I mean, A LOT!

Now I don’t know why the hate on his older movies, I do understand the hate on the TMNT movies because I hate it too, when looking at TMNT you have 4 unchangeable sentences you have to keep in your mind, that they’re teenage, that they’re mutant, that they’re ninjas, and that they’re turtles, getting rid of all this just completely ruins a kid’s childhood.

I don’t want to delve a lot into the meaning, but I felt the urge to say this, the movie is simply called Ninja Turtles and you’re going to be even madder when you hear about the alien part.

Ninja Turtles is scheduled for a June 6, 2014, release. Thanks for reading everyone!


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