GeekLife: Blogging A Real Rival

Pokemon Game Rivals Image

We all have a rival, don’t we. I for one have more than one, about three, but who’s counting? A rival doesn’t have to be your enemy, some people grow up to find themselves rivaling their best friends, you might rival a person that doesn’t consider you one, when you look at this word as a term, you’ll find it quite relaxing… Well for me it is.

Usually on any television series (mostly anime) rivals are enemies that grow up to be your friends like in Pokémon anime, Ash with Gary, Harrison, Paul, Trip… If you’re curious I can spill it, I wasn’t kidding I actually have lots of rival into which only one is my gaming rival, that guy is my favorite, and he happens to be my cousin, he isn’t a dedicated gamer, but he knows what being a gamer is, and unlike many others, he actually plays the game before giving his word.

To actually take a look at it, their isn’t much to talk about rivalry as a term, but you can have about a thousand word, that is if you want to speak it briefly, so anyway thanks for reading this short article, but make sure you check out what I have in store for tomorrow.


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