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Bayonetta 2 Sword ImageWell, when it comes to games, my picks always goes to RPG, but that is just the type of gameplay, right now lots of people move toward 1st person shooters, and by 1st person shooters I mean COD.

COD is a great game, it has a great story-line too, but I guess I hate the fact that some 12 year old kids face me with their tongues every time I decide to play online, well that and the fact that the gameplay can’t be improved much further, in fact they’re putting new stuff in the game that doesn’t relate to shooter games but strategy.

" I'm Batman! "

Anyway, my other move goes to action-oriented games like Batman Arkham City, Kingdom Hearts, Bayonetta, Xenoblade Chronicles … While thinking what to write in an article this awesome idea came to me like lightning, gamers love action games and so do I, plus… Well no one can hate all action games, I mean some people don’t like JRPG games at all, but in an action game you’ll always find something you like.

In particular, I’ll be talking about two series of games and not single ones, I don’t know if they are my favorite, but I know they are two of the most popular franchises gamers currently know so here goes.

Assassins Creed

Connor In AC III

Oh yes! These bad ass assassins are afraid of nothing, they’ve been stealing our money with yearly released games, lots of DLC, new gameplay methods, and an awesome story-line. The latest game in the series is Assassins Creed III Liberation and I have a certain feeling a fan doesn’t know that and I don’t blame him/her because this game has been released on the Playstation Vita, an awesome successor to the PSP that has absolutely no fame thanks to the rise of smartphones.

A new addition to the series Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag is scheduled for an October 29th release this year which will be all about Pirates, hope it doesn’t suck since no game was ever able to take the pirate methods as it should be, but with Ubisoft Montereal developing the game, I have no doubt the game will turn out great!

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda HD Demo e3 Wii U

Now for the 2nd series, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA! Personally I like playing The Legend of Zelda a million times more than Assassins Creed, while Assassins Creed is great, it will never match the incredible story, timeline, and depth of gameplay in any Zelda game, especially the darker ones like Twilight Princess, and the purest like Wind Waker and Skyward Sword.

Currently Nintendo has 3 The Legend of Zelda projects, Wind Waker Remake, New The Legend of Zelda with new kind of graphics, and of course a 3DS title too.

Thanks for reading gamers, until next time…


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