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H Picture Viewer Image

Oh yes! What you see above is my school project, last time it was a PONG game right? Well the PONG thing didn’t really work out, that’s why I decided to go visit that little program Microsoft made which is Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.

I think you remember that I mentioned in my last school project article that we haven’t actually started learning a programming language yet, but thanks to some online tutorials I was able to make the program. I actually programmed all what you see above and I loved every minute of it.

I do have some old experience with programming and to tell you the truth, I don’t think anyone would understand how to use it if he didn’t have some old experience, this year all we learn about programming is the basic stuff, in fact, the session is called Basic programming… and no not BASIC language, actually yes it is more like the BASIC language but the point is, we take the meaning of every code stuff and then do it.

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Keep you’re cool and concentrate

So anyway, as you can see the program has 4 different buttons and a check box and trust me, doing all this wasn’t easy at first, but when I got to know it, it really worked out great!

  • The Show A Picture” button opens up a file dialog that lets you put an image in the empty window above the buttons.
  • The Stretch” check box makes the image stretch into the image’s window because the program can’t be re-sized by the user.
  • The Clear The Picture” button simply clears the image from the picture’s window.
  • The Set The Background” button opens up a color dialog for you to choose a color to display on the picture’s window, this seems stooped to add if someone uses the stretch check box but it really looks good with small sized images.
  • The Close” button was just a silly addition I put up to test something for future programs, and well simply to test my programming skills.

When you look at the program, the first think skilled programmers or normal people will say is… That’s nothing. Well they’re right that is nothing, this was just a test of skill for me, actually I’m not going to submit this program to the school fair, I just wanted to start with the easiest thing and see how it will all work out and guess what, it turned out great!

A maze Image

Currently I’m working on a maze game, of course the design is limited because it will be programmed as a program and not an actual game but everything is worth a try.

I also want to take the time to congratulate one of my friends who just finished making 3 programs, a calculator, a tic-tac-toe game, and money converter, I’m happy he decided to share everything he worked with me and I just gotta say it ” Your one heck of a rival, yes he is way ahead of me now but I’m planning on reaching him real good, after all, I won’t win if I don’t beat him! Right?

Well thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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