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Yes I Do

Yes I Do

Ok, if you think geeks are only geeks of games, movies, and well all this geeky stuff you are wrong. And if  you didn’t know I love Disney, then you didn’t read my Disney article right?

Well that is ok, anyway if you are a Disney fan yourself, or actually Shake it up fan, you’ll see that a new album has been released with the name you see above I ❤ Dance. That is a really cool name, anyway I was scrolling around my Facebook newsfeed and saw Zendaya post something about the album. – This is pretty cool! Hope u enjoy:)

Its a link that sends you to that shows a cool program which connects to your Facebook profile picture, take the picture, and put it just like in the album which was really awesome to share on my timeline!

Bella Thorne & Zendaya Coleman picture together

These girls are so cute! Well they are the reason the album is here right? And FYI I’m exactly one month older than Zendaya, and I’m just as tall as she is so I think I have a chance… Ok I don’t but a guy can dream!

The album has 12 songs sang by different Disney artists like Selena Gomez, Bridget Mendler, and more. Bella & Zendaya have two of them sang together and each have one on their own. If you didn’t buy the album, consider going online and getting it now as it is on itunes.

Zendaya Coleman Image!!!

Thank you for reading everyone, by the way if Zendaya or Bella happens to be reading this, I’m an awesome guy with awesome hair, I’m tall and good looking ( at least that is what Mom says 😛 ) and I happen to be single!

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