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In the last article I talked about heroes, I also mentioned a story for a game I’m working on, but today I’m here to tell you that it isn’t just one story, I have lots of stories I’m writing so that when I can actually work on them, I’ll be ready, I know I can’t work on a huge game on my own but I feel at least writing the story will help.

I remember an old saying that taught me that nothing is started by a thought, you need to do it, you need to work! Maybe thinking is like a pre-start I guess, speaking from personal experience, that is %100 true. Let’s take a student right now, give him a complicated Math equation, he’ll think about it, usually when he can’t solve or understand it in his mind, he moves on, well I think about it, and then try solving it, it worked in many equations and exercises so try it.

Pokemon Image in Sinnoh

You see the image above? That was the start of everything I now know, everything I love, every game I play, and every word I say. When I was a kid, everything was good, fun, except this one anime series I woke up everyday at 5 just to watch it, watch Ash Ketchum get his Pikachu, catch Caterpie, watch it evolve, I still don’t forget the battle between Charizard and Blaziken which happens to be my favorite Pokémon of all time!

Well that was the start of me loving Pokémon but do you want to know how my trip to gaming started? Well I’ll tell you anyway. The day I finished playing Pokémon Platinum, I said Well, whats next? ” I knew a new game was coming, and I knew it will have more gameplay experience that I will enjoy no doubt, but I wanted it to have something new, a new gameplay that does nothing to the old one, it has to improve it, and that was 3D!

Pokémon Battle Revolution Battle between Turtwig and Palkia

I wanted the games to have the battles like Pokémon Stadium, Colosseum, Battle Revolution, and I also wanted to walk with my Pokémon, I wanted to edit my character’s outfit, and wanted to experience all of that in 3D, that is why, I decided to sit down and think of a game, the next day, I couldn’t remember what I wanted i to have, so I went to the library got a new copy book and started from scratch, from 10:00 am till 11:00 pm, all I did was write and write and write everything I want, from gameplay and down under, it was a blast.

Finished everything, I put all 4 regions( it was four by that time ) and made new gameplay stuff, I made it every a Pokémon fan’s paradise and yet now I have more to add. Well anyway after finishing it, I though about something, I just wrote everything I want in a game, I loved it! Yet, these ideas will happen someday, I need one that come from my mind, my imagination, my feelings, and my heart and so my adventure to gaming started, I started playing more games, finding everything I want in it  just by playing others, and after playing others, I fell in love with different franchises.

Lots of Controllers

I guess that was the reason I now live here in this world to game, and gaming was the 1st step into being a geek, starting from games, to movies, to comics, it was all inside me and I love it!

Thanks for reading everyone, have fun in the rest of you’re day, and while you’re at it five me a 5 star below… A like and a follow for my blog would be amazing too you know!


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