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Super Heroes... lots of em

” I need a hero to save me now, I need a hero to save me now. A hero will save me just in time!

Oh yes, heroes will always be their for you, whenever you’re in trouble, whenever you need help, a hero will save you just in time. Well a hero doesn’t have to be a person with a mask, or a hot girl in a bikini, sometimes the hero is the one you have by you’re side right now and I know many of you know that.

Anyway I want to talk to you about the ones with the mask like Spiderman, or the ones that no one really recognizes them like Hulk. My favorite hero would be… well I guess Superman, I grew up watching Superman every day before & after school, I never understood how no one recognizes him but come on, does anyone really care? Its just an awesome movie/comic/game that you want to see.

" I'm Batman! "

” I’m Batman! “

I know I know, this is one awesome pose for an awesome super hero, with an awesome voice, from an awesome game, Batman: Arkham City. By the way, can you guys hold a secret? I bought this game yesterday and I’m going to play it today, for the 1st time!

The thing that makes Batman so awesome, aside from all the stuff I mentioned above, he is the only hero I remember to actually not have any kind of super power, he doesn’t! Can you believe that? The only power he has is his fist & mind, which is a great combination, he holds agility, power, fitness, and a mind to think, dude he carries all these items all the time, how can he do that, oh yeah not to mention a load amount of fortune.

Character Design

Wait wait, we all know the ones that DC does, the ones that Marvel does, but their are more right? Naruto, Ventus, Link… Lots of my fine readers know how much of a gamer I am, and they know I’m getting my Programming skills up just so I can make games, well a game can’t be that great without a character and a story right? While gameplay & graphics are good, sadly I can do none of them yet, but I can do stories right?

Yes that is why these days, aside of playing games, blogging, and studying all the time, I work on stories, I have 1 finished but I’m editing it’s grammar now. The point is, I have many dreams, and I’m working on making all of them come true, a friend once told me that a dream is really hard to accomplish, I had nothing to say but this: ” The best thing about a dream is when you’re doing it . What is the point of you’re dream coming true like that right? I prefer working at least a bit to do it.

Thanks for reading everyone, why don’t you tell me what you’re favorite hero is! Just tell me in the comments below.


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