GeekLife: Blogging Fashion… Kind of

Well not really, fashion isn’t my kryptonite, its theirs, but it is an important thing right? Other than helping us not see those private you know what, everyone picks their clothes in their own fashionable way, some go for an old classic, some for a swag look like Zendaya and her fans the Z- Swaggers!

Well for me? I think  I’m always different, it depends on the place I’m going so maybe I don’t have any specific style, I haven’t really shopped for clothes for some time now and being the fatty guy I was, I couldn’t pick the ones I really like, but I would pick the Swag look 😉 Haters are going to hate but anything Zendaya does is awesome!

Zendaya Coleman... Swag!

We all know how every country usually has one kind of weather and that is either cold or hot, but cross the world all over to my country and you’ll see that we have 4 seasons and trust me when I say it, 4 seasons, Fall comes kind of normal Winter comes cold, Spring comes normal, and Summer comes hot.

For the reason you read above, each season has people changing their style every time so its kind of hard for a person saving up $60 for a game to just go buy clothes all the time so that he can look his best, I have a friend that is like that, all he does is buy clothes and party, well that is a fun life kind of, but I wouldn’t miss my games and my movies for the world.

Cool Looking Shoes, red and yellow

My specific look is well umm, a hat, a cool shirt, a jacket always open, a short or pants that are stretch so that I can run when I piss off some people I really can’t talk about, and cool shoes like the ones you see above!

Ok now that we talked about most of the world, now its time for the rest of the world, and by rest of the world, I mean Japan. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Japan’s fashion stuff, well some more than others like the ones that I have no idea what they do with their eyebrows, and a little more.

Compared to all other countries, Japan might be the most country that is in love with fashion, these people have a whole building dedicated to just a type of clothing, over in my country we have one store dedicated to nothing. And while lots of people think Japan is all about technology, you know nothing, I see it maybe half to half or less I guess but everyday is cosplay in Japan right?

Thanks for reading everyone, have fun with the rest of you’re awesome Sunday!


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