GeekLife: Blogging Snacks!

Doritos Blue, Red, and Bbrown

Ok now come on here, no person that lives on earth can I even try to say that he hates snacks, well the diet guys can, but I can’t. A snack is a regular daily think for lots of people, but everyone has his common snack, some like to eat some  chocolate bars, some like to drink a bottle of soda, myself I think I tend to try everything.

Over at my place you’ll find lots of guys, gals, even animals and trust me, it looks more disgusting than it sounds, the only good thing about this is that you can share you’re love for sweets and stakes everywhere. I was one of these guys, everyday I go out buy the whole store’s merchandise Not Really and eat them, finish that while watching TV and go over to my laptop and play some games, go online…

I still like to have a snack at least once a day, mostly before dinner I guess since right now is before dinner, and I’m having a snack! But thanks to sport sessions, the gym, and all the scout stuff, I now look much better, a little bit doey but in no way like before. Anyway lets get back to these snacks, I’ve always been the kind of guy that likes to have a variety of snacks, while I don’t always have a snack each day, I still like to the snack to be different than last time, but I guess my favorites are two snacks, one you see in the picture above and one down here.

Well no that isn’t me, that was good old Greg Miller in his Oreo Oration videos, I’ll you a secret, me and my sister love Oreo so much that yesterday we got a couple of Oreo Original small packs, put them in the blender and what we have right now is an Ultra sweet Oreo Juice, no letterly I can feel the sugar filled in my body, but am I sad to here that? Kind of because that means I’m not able to have more Oreo for at least a weak.

Well no no these aren’t the only snacks over here, but these are my favorites. We have stores that just sell snacks but not everyone is as good as… Na nevermind they’re all awesome as long as they have these too.

The most popular snack makers at our place? Well I think its the one called Nestle, they are waaaaay tasty, we also have Kinder and many more. Well thanks for reading everyone, while you’re at it why don’t you tell me whats your favorite snack.


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