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Ah yes! Youtube, a fine place for bitter trolling in the comments section under the video, disliking an awesome video just for being than yours, many people understand every bit of a word I say… don’t you?

Well beside being filled with trolls, Youtube has grown up to be a big part for everyone, every movie has a trailer, every episode can be re-watched on Youtube, and every song can be enjoyed! Its really a floating paradise filled with videos so enjoy these I have embedded down here.

I listen to their parodies all the time. Oh yeah they also happen to have a gaming channel called ScreenTeamGaming, why don’t you check it out. Anyway ScreenTeam are not the only ones on Youtube right?! I love to watch Smosh’s videos, these guys have like 12 channels I think, but the best right now I guess is SmoshGames.

Reviews, a little news, lots of shows, well if you know Smosh’s Ian & Anthony you might not actually know that the SmoshGames is also for other awesome fellow geeks like Jovenshire, Sohiniki, Laser Corn, and Mari. That is quite a bit but when you’ll be surprised once you see how these guys do it!

Their’s also IGN’s awesome channel, Start! These guys have got about a million troll waiting for every video to come out so that they can act smart. Start is an amazing channel with awesome shows that I prefer watching their shows over lots and lots of other stuff on TV especially Up At Noon, I mean come on, I challenge any Start subscriber to come out and tell me Up at Noon sucks, I’ll glady tell him… No sir, YOU SUCK!

These guys have different shows, some have ended and I can’t wait for their second season, oh yeah theirs The Next Game Boss now in season 2, Geek Love, and many more.

Youtube is really awesome and I don’t think anyone has a problem with it, well the troll part is annoying but you know… Thanks for reading this short article everyone, I just came up with idea of writing it so I can watch these videos again so kudos for me.

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