GeekLife: Blogging The School Project Advance

GameBoy Advance Me

Well if you read my older article GeekLife: Blogging  A School Project” you should know that this article relates to it… daaaa. This time me and my partner advance, we really got through lots of problems we had going on, the short development time, the low level of skill, and the lack of ideas.

Well I had lots of ideas, some I can’t work on, some I can, but it’s really good how its going now, the project is named Level-1 for two reasons: 1. No matter how it turns out, Level-1 is a suitable name for everything! 2. It is my first real gaming project that I need to be completely responsible how it turns out, of course I do work on Nintendochronicle but theirs a big difference between Journalism and Development so this has to be done at its best!

Nintendo Chronicle

Currently I have the engine, Ii have the source code that I’m still editing, the game will change a lot from the time being to next month, well March 23rd to be exact. But not to say much, the game looks like an Atari game kind of and I still have some errors I need to work out tomorrow, but I can’t thank my teacher enough for giving the engine even though it didn’t work.

I still have some questions to ask him but theirs something I wanted to add to this article since I started typing. I know understand the work that the developers put into this, I’m still trying to find a good source code to write and it took me this much time, I know I am a beginner and the professional guys can do a lot better but if you really look at it, its harder than it sounds, and a hell lot more entertaining than it looks, the programmer’s job is boring you look at all the coding he does, but I can’t describe how happy a programmer is especially with someone on his side.

Atari Pong old Arcade Game

Now even if you don’t have someone, you’re imagination is just enough, do you see the picture above? I have lots of stuff to add for the real game I want to make when I have the skills but right now, that is all I got. For gamers who want to do this but think they won’t succeed, just try, fail, but get back up again and try it, after all talking is harder than programming.

Oh yeah their is something I don’t think I should add but I think I need to share it, our class has 31 students, it is hard to concentrate especially if your Dislexic but so what if I’m dislexic, nobody is perfect right? Anyway thanks for reading, the next article about this project will have something relating to a little frenemy I have. The battle between me and that guy will be one to the ages, but this is a talk for another time!

Oh I also want to thank everyone for following us, viewing the website, while your at it, if you didn’t read older articles, just take a little free time to read them, it means a lot! GAME ON!


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