GeekLife: Blogging Everyone Should Chase These Hackers!


Just today Nintendo announced that they plan on hunting down video game pirates and blocking the websites that share them and that is a good thing. It will be much easier to teach people that games do cost $60 and not $3, you see, I think Nintendo is the most company affected by pirating, actually I know it.

I live in a country in the Middle East called Lebanon, over here people thing games cost $3 and they call me stooped when I buy one for $40 to $60, anyway Nintendo is really affected by this as people hate to admit they love them, many call them for little kids although they didn’t try playing them, so they just buy the DS or the Wii, download hacked games, have fun and never admit it.


The most thing that annoys me but you might haven’t understood it yet is that these hacked games are being sold for a really cheap price so people that don’t game don’t really know what this is, its normal for someone to choose cheap stuff especially in a country like mine. These people that I was one of them before I became a gamer grew up to fully understand it and yet most of them prefer buying hacked versions.

Now in times like these consoles and handhelds are connected to the internet, and playing online became a must so people started using their Laptops, PCs, and tablets to see what was the problem with playing it online and reached the important point that indicated that this Disc you have right now is illegal.

3 Wii Games

No No! Not these

Anyway these people worked it out, understood it, and bought these games legally but theirs a big part that sells them in their own shop. Yes these poor people will be shocked when they know that but they really have to. Imagine yourself becoming a Game Developer, would you accept the fact that the hours you spent making this game, coding it, designing it, is just in the palm of an old bitch called Hacking? Hurts doesn’t it.

That is why I want Nintendo to do that badly, theirs even more as I think just in our country, people spend about $50 a year on hacked games, that would be about $900 or more from each person if he didn’t buy them, I myself admit that before I knew this was hacking, I got about 5 games a month or more, but after I knew what was going on I deleted each and every game I have, I didn’t care about my name on the blogs or anything, I just didn’t want to be like the people I despise.

R4 for the DS

Now Nintendo anyway is working on the start of something that everyone will follow, if Nintendo manages to stop this, we might meet the end of the Tablet/Smartphones vs Consoles/Handhelds discussion especially for Nintendo. Anyway as a person with wide experience in the hacking market, I understand what it is, for Sony its the ISO hack, for Nintendo their are the R4, oh yeah I forgot to mention that some shops sell the 3DS and give an R4 for an extra spice.

Yes it is a very important subject but I have more to talk about, I understand some people hide behind a reason that tells them that they hack because of the region lock, ok Nintendo has region lock, what about hacking Sony, the PS3 doesn’t have a region lock right?

Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360

Some people really need to know that region lock is a business, I hate it too but its business. Its like telling Apple not to change their charger size in the iPhone 5, the company needs profit so they make you buy something new, and cheaper on them. Every decision a company makes relates to business, after all they need money and fans.

By the way, its not just game companies, their are the movies stolen from the cinemas, the music, even Mangas and comics published illegally online… Everything!

If you really like being a gamer just think about it a little, what will happen if your game is hacked, what will you do? Thanks for reading everyone.


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