GeekLife: Blogging A School Project

Blue Keyboard :P

Normally a school project is where students love to shine, a chance to really light up the fair with an amazing creation. This year happens to be my first in an “IT” class in an institution, to those who don’t know, IT is Information Technology, its great and just got better.

Our principle told us in a meeting that the school fair is near so he wants us to make a team of two or just go alone and make something new, sadly my hands can reach a really small distance as a programmer trying to code and that distance is my 1st year of education in this institution.

I wanted to make a game so I got a book called C for Dummies, and I’m trying to write in BASIC language too, its really hard to do but I’ll try to pull it off though a month of time isn’t getting my hopes up that much. Yes my project in mind is just a simple, fun, badly designed 2d game, I just want something that will impress the scouts a little and show them potential, especially if I tell them this is a prototype and give them a little demo to play right? After all, it is.

C For Dummies Image

You see, this is a start of a really important step in my life, I do have awesome stories and gameplay written and saved but hell I can’t put them in a game at my level of skill, I’m not even a beginner yet. I’ll try to do something, I got game engines in mind but all of them are really hard to work on especially now that they need more design, they are a little hard to understand, BASIC language is my best shot I guess, then again C for dummies can help me when I get the Turbo game engine tomorrow.

Anyway I do have a plan B in mind, maybe I’ll make an animated video kind of but that needs Designer skills, sadly their is no one in my class who has any, heck no one actually has programming skills except someone who tried, yeah everyone has programming skills in my class and I’m no better but I mean only 2 in our class actually tried it

Animated Character of A game

So wherever I go I’m having a problem, but I’m not sure if I’m really mad about it, I love a good challenge but this challenge has about %50 of my grade so… Its really serious.

So if I don’t get something out of myself in a situation like this, I don’t know what will. This project is risking me my entire year, not to mention a big part of my future if the scouts happen to see it so anyway I’ll try my best, I need my fans to wish me luck along the way as this is going to be a crowded month and it started yesterday.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be sharing with you what happens along this… Quest I’ll call it, HAVE FUN!

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