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Disney LogoThe picture above is the title of today, Disney. One of my favorite companies in the world, it holds almost everything I love, games, movies, music… Anyone who loves Disney as much as I do should know who started this whole thing, old good man Walt. Anyway I’m not going to talk about him today, I’m talking about Disney.

Disney currently holds maybe the most iconic characters in the world, and they have a character for each and every one of you. Not to mention they own Marvel and Lucasfilm. Their is also Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney  XD, all of which have their own audience, and their own fans.

You might guessing Disney Channel is my favorite, well your right about that, as much as I love games and movies, I also love music, not as much as games maybe, but it is a close second. Me and one of my friends have a rap team kind of, he makes the music, we write the lyrics, and I spit the rhymes, we make a great team and we are close to finishing one of them now so wish us some good luck.

Now one of the things Disney Channel has been facing is the old vs new series stuff, you see now that Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Suite Life on Deck are over, older fans don’t want them to go just because they don’t, well they need to know they aren’t the only ones over here, don’t hate Austin & Ally or Shake it Up just because you miss the others, my sister was the one that made me love Disney when I was 5 Ii guess, and till now I watch Disney and I love the fact that the new guys are my age.

They can sing just like the old ones, they can dance, and they certainly can make ma laugh. Maybe it is the fact they want people their age, but that is how things work.

Now lets move on to Disney XD which also catches my point of geeky with it’s action-oriented series, maybe suitable to 12-15 year old males or something like that, not to mention they have Pokémon, Ultimate SpiderMan and a lot more.

I prefer watching it on Cartoon Network but it is a smart way to get more audience for the channel and the Pokémon series. Disney XD is my favorite anime like channels next to Cartoon Network so make sure you’re next Saturday is full of Disney XD.

Moving on to  Disney Junior, not much to talk about but the fact that its great for your little brother or sister especially if they’re from 1 to 6 or 7 years old. I even find some parents watching Disney Junior alongside their little kids. My dad watches all three with me till now and I love it!

Their is also the movies they do, we have the old classics like Lion King, Cinderella, but what about the more adult like and naughty…kind of. We have many favorites by different means like Pirates of The Caribbean and The Avengers… Disney owns Marvel doesn’t it? We’ll also have to wait and see the next Star Wars, in the mean time, go watch The Chronicles of Narnia.

Enough about TV, what about the games, what about Epic Mickey, Kingdom Hearts, and many many MANY more, but yes my favorite is Final Fantasy’s spin off, KINGDOM HEARTS!

Its hard to believe that Kingdom Hearts is a Spin off to a series now hated by many, I personally think Final Fantasy is an awesome series and each game deserves to be played, but Final Fantasy isn’t for Disney, Kingdom Hearts is. It is filled with Disney characters so much that people forget Square Enix developed it thanks to Disney’s extremely popular characters!

My favorite thing about Disney games is that they work on a game for what they see has great creativity, and if Kingdom Hearts III doesn’t hit the Wii U and PS4 then Disney got rid of their excellence because it suits it greatly!

I really would not find it odd if Disney actually created their own console or handheld, I once saw a Disney Laptop but I’m not sure they actually made it, maybe its an illegal copy? Well its just good to note it.

Oh wait, I almost forgot the most important part of Disney… DISNEY LAND!!!

Disney Land is such an amazing and beautiful place that it has a game based on it on Kinect! Once I get my Wii U, I’ll use Streetview just to go look at it, but if Disney can make me a favor, they can build one over in my place.

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you liked my article, HAVE FUN!


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