GeekLife: Blogging Playstation Tomorrow

Playstation Buttons

Well most gamers would know by now that Sony has a big meeting tomorrow, that meeting is set to discuss the future of Playstation and most gamers suspect it to be, Playstation 4.

Well I can’t go their talking about how it isn’t Playstation 4 though it could be, their has been so much put into this that we can’t deny how much we want to see it, and tell you the truth, Nintendo fans want it too, I really want to see what Nintendo’s rival will come up with, you can’t deny the love of fanboy wars, Ii love reading these comments on every website I see… Well IGN mostly especially now.

To tell the truth, I’m not that much into Sony although my first home console was the PS1. Its because I want to see what they have next, some people expect it to be the last generation of gaming consoles although I doubt Sony will quit this and let Nintendo continue (Bitter relationship I’ll talk about later).

Right now, to keep it up to the 9th generation of gaming, Sony needs something new, their is no way out here for Sony, they need to bring a new idea, I know the graphics will get better but how far can they get, its now the time for Sony to do what gaming is all about and actually give us a new gameplay experience, people always say that Nintendo games are stooped because they only look at the 2D Mario games, and they call Pokemon a kid’s game although they didn’t play it, never thinking about being real gamers and experiencing all this.

Playstation Vita

Anyway that is it for the PS3 & PS4 but what about the Vita!?!

The Playstation Vita is such an awesome little over-priced handheld, of course gamers will buy it, but the other part of the world is not buying it for one reason… Not much games they like, the Vita doesn’t have what the other part wants, sure you’ll tell me why care about them but if you really think about it, Sony needs this market, if they don’t do anything for it, they might as well hang up a sign that say THQ’s son here. That part of the world is bigger so they’ll need them so they can keep making these games.

Games like Resistance and Little Big Planet Racing, they’re cool but we need more, the PS Vita has the new gaming experience up it’s sleeve, touch screen, powerful internet connection, AR… This is all real good, just lower down the price, make these little sticks actually comfortable and keep the D-Pad as is, and their you have it, a full fledged game filled handheld that I will be happy to own once they do all this in another design.

Their you have it for the Playstation market, full success… Well one more thing, it’d be great if they forget their hatred for Nintendo that only some gamers know and just focus on being Sony, and making their next gen console and handheld an actual PLAYSTATION. I mean come on that little ad you posted is just bad and makes you’re name worse.

Thanks for reading!


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