GeekLife Review: Naruto Manga Volume 1

Naruto Older Image


Hello and welcome fellow Manga lovers to my first Manga review which is about the one and only, the iconic Shinobi of every man and kid, Naruto!

Now for those that don’t really know him or actually don’t know the Manga really well The Naruto manga is written by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Shueisha in Weekly Shōnen Jump, if you haven’t read it yet… what are you waiting for.

The Naruto Manga was published each week hence Weekly Shōnen Jump, and now these Mangas are being mashed each into one chapter for example the one I have right now is 7 chapters so it was actually released in 7 weeks and trust me this is something you can’t miss. Also it’s good to note their is an anime for Naruto, oh and some movies too so it’ll be good if you hate to buy stuff.

Naruto As the Nine Tailed Fox

Just like everything you’ve read or watched Volume 1 has us introduced to Naruto, what he likes, his friends, but whats about this is that you get to feel a great character that is in everyone’s heart, yes Naruto is one heck of a smart but funny pranking little kid.

The 1st chapter gets you to know that Naruto loves to prank, I mean seriously he was painting some statues on mountains that look like the ones on Rushmore, he hails from a real big name for a village called Konohamaru. This oddly named village had a demon that was destroying it, this demon is Nine Tailed Fox that was trapped by the 4th Lord Hokage in the body of a newborn… Naruto!

Naruto also happens to be an orphan, raised himself by himself just like his teacher Iruka who he saves later in chapter 1 when one of the characters tells Naruto about him being the Nine Tailed Fox although the village had a Decree to never tell Naruto that secret, but now that he knows it their is more to it than just that. Although at the start we see Naruto failing his last exam, he was considered passed after mastering an art called Doppelganger in a perfect way above his level.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura

Now in chapter 2 as Naruto starts in a new high level class but first he meets his new little rival named Konohamaru, this little kid happens to be the grandson of the Lord Hokage and after meeting him he decides to train him and completely ignoring his other trainer Master Ebisu, but later gets back to him after declaring Naruto his rival.

Now the story continues through the other 5 chapters starting the class, the first mission assigned was actually a group of three ninjas together in which Naruto was with his crush Sakura, and his rival Sasuke.

The story shows us that Sasuke has the best grades in class while Naruto has the lowest, Sasuke also happens to look, sound, and think really tough, the story also has Sasuke revealing that he has sworn to kill someone. Sakura has a mega crush on Sasuke who happens to hate her but he respects Naruto while Sakura completely hates him.


Each group has one teacher and this group’s teacher is called Hatake Kakashi who’s first training mission was for the three to get these 2 bells you see in the picture above, but since they are three then one of them will fail this mission.

The story continues to the end of the mission but I guess I spoiled enough, well thats the thing about Mangas, the Magic is in the story and Naruto does one heck of a Manga.

As for the characters they look amazingly spontaneous and really well drawn, can’t expect less from Shonen Jump now can we? Well thanks for reading everyone. Have a good time and enjoy you’re day.

Note: My next Manga Review is coming this week too so better get ready!

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