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If you watched Nintendo Direct then you should know by now that this year is declared by Mr. Iwata as The year of Luigi, yes Mario’s brother now finally has his actual shot to leave the shadows of his brother in his epic year.

We originally thought the 3DS’s summer was dead but with all these games and more to come next week? WOW Nintendo, your on a roll now! Anyway Nintendo is giving us lots of games to buy this summer and they are taking lots of our family time, work time, and sleep time but come on, who needs all this when he has games by his side am I right?

Miyamoto and Iwata in Luigi hat

The Direct started clearly about Luigi when Iwata wore the Luigi hat live, it was so awesome seeing him like that. First they focused about lots of Luigi’s Mansion which Miyamoto talked about it not being a horror game but more of a comedic exploring game I’ll say.

Luigi’s Mansion is a blast but they had more, we now are officialey waiting or the news addition to Mario and Luigi  RPGs, it’s called Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, you’ll get why it’s called that when you watch the video.

We also got to see a little of Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate, the game takes up to more than 20 great hours of gameplay, this game truly amazes me how others seem to hate it without trying it, but I think theirs a mention of a demo coming for it, theirs also a demo coming for Monster Hunter 3 which was also talked about.

We also got to see a new Mario game which is Mario Golf Tour, actually all these games releases are this Summer, but what about Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing has been released in Japan last November, and it’s going to be release June 9th in North America and June 14th in Europe.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates To Infinity

Don’t forget we will also get to new Pokémon games other than X & Y, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon which is already confirmed for NA is now confirmed for the UK and scheduled for a May 17th release. The second one is Pokemon Rumble U, yes the Rumble games are back and to their original roots, console and download. Not to mention the reveal of a new Pokémon know as  Sylveon, an evolution for Eevee or as I like to call it, an Eevelution.

Wait wait their are lots more, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is now being remade for the 3DS, well for people who played it on the Wii it’s normal but to ones like me who didn’t then this will be a game to the ages as every time I google it I see a new article about how much they loved it.

Now we also have Fire Emblem Awakening hitting the UK on April 19th which is a game you don’t want to miss whatever the cost, and oh the 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro hits March 22nd.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Oof Time 3D

Nintendo also has an amazing deal for 3DS owners who didn’t buy The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D as the download version is now $20 only.

If you that is all  Nintendo has then you need to scream as Nintendo also announced another Nintendo Direct for next week which will be focusing on 3rd party, so if your one that hates Luigi’s year, you should be happy to here that!

Thanks for reading gamers I want to note that this week I’ll be reviewing the 1st 3 Mangas of Naruto so stay tuned.


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