GeekLife Review: DMC Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry Review

Lots of people complain to the game industry that their are no new IPs, they say they’re sick of playing Mario, Pokémon, Final Fantasy… Yet they are never sick of playing COD and Fifa all the year. Well I love to play games no matter the character repetition.

Anyway, DMC is a hack and slash single player game published by Capcom, developed by Ninja Theory for PS3 & Xbox 360, and by QLOC for PC, it also happens to be a reboot of the original series.

Note to all PC gamers, do not attempt under any circumstances to play this game on you’r PC if you have one of the consoles, Why would I say that? Simply because you need all you’re fingers working in a really hard and disturbingly uncomfortable way, press E, now Press Left Click and don’t forget to Press ABSOLUTELY SHITTY CONTROLS with it, now since the game is released on multiple platforms I won’t judge the controls.

DMC Battle In Limbo

Now I know lots of people hate the new Dante but he’s a beast! And personally you really need to play this game no matter what you think of him because it’s a game to the ages.

The game is as awesome as the original series, only better. You’re going through 20 missions, bashing and killing demons of different powers, it’s all fun and game until you reach a boss battle in which you can’t push the panic button for the win, some of the demons are worse than bosses like the ultra fast Dreamrunner.

Through playing it you’ll have this weird evil feeling that you’re in control of the world with you’re Nephilim powers, to those who don’t know, a Nephilim is a hybrid of an Angel and a Demon, and this feeling will increase mission by mission as you beat the crap out of you’re enemies. As I said you can’t go mashing the panic button to win, you’ll also find yourself pissed off when you’re score goes down because of using items.

DMC Mission Movement

But the game isn’t all about the fighting in the missions, theirs also advancing through them, you’ll need to use you’re smart head, move, and plan the right time to press a button and another, and another because you’ll need to act fast when your 1 step closer to falling off a 2 building height.

Now the story is what made me keep playing the game, it starts real awesome from the start as Dante finds out that his mother was killed by the Demon King Mundus and his father is banished into eternal suffering and pain, then Dante learns that Vergil is who happens to be the leader of the order is his brother.

DMC Bob Barbas

Together alongside a female character called Kat they work together to get the freedom of mankind back by closing the hell’s gate and killing Mundus, but they couldn’t go fight Mundus like that, they need to get him weaker by killing his 2 sidekicks Poison and Bob Barbas (Picture Above) in a boss battle.

Later you find out that the best to way to make Mundus weaker is killing his son who isn’t born yet, the mother is one of Mundus’s whores, Lilith. Lilith is a really hard boss especially when you’re fighting her baby, but instead of killing them you take them as hostages for a reason that would spoil the game even more if I talk about it.

The game looks like  its suitable for teenagers but it’s actually an adult only game unless you’re as mature as me, lots of bad language, sex related cutscenes, more and more and more, the only reason it won’t sell is the fact that parents won’t let their kids buy it due to being amazingly violent.

————————————————————The Verdict————————————————————

DMC is an awesome game that deserves to be played by any hardcore gamer around the world, if you think Ninja Theory did it wrong, then your making the biggest mistake in you’re life. An absolute delight to play and I can’t wait for more!



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