GeekLife: Blogging Rayman Legends Delay

Rayman Legends

I know I know, Rayman Legends delay  has been talked about for the past couple of days and I’m sick of hearing about it more than you, but yet I feel the urge to talk about it.

Think of the success of Rayman Origins, this game came out on multiple platforms, actually all platforms and it was a huge success on the market, now you only need brains to know that the next game would be coming too.

Since Rayman Legends was announced as an exclusive for the Wii U, fans got craving for it, we all know  if it’s an exclusive then it has specific gameplay for the system. Delaying a game isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes you find new bugs, or you simply want the game to look better, but delaying it about 3 times? WOW.

To tell you the truth, I’m buying Rayman Legends no matter what, I know the game is awesome, but I know it lost a huge part of the market, at first lots of people including me would’ve have bought it instead of New Super Mario Bros U simply because it’s so good you can’t wait for it.

It already has a pile of Nintendo, Ubisoft, and platformer fans waiting for it, not to mention the causal market the fell in love with it, all that would have won Ubisoft big times, yet they decided to delay it again, losing a big name game to September, and god knows what games might come out that time and distract gamers from buying it.

Releasing it early in March would’ve been a really good idea since no game came out in February, so people would be lining up just to be able to play a new game, I remember me and my friends doing that before I was a gamer so I’m pretty sure lots of others would do that too.

Wait now, the game was going to be released in a couple of weeks I think, but Ubisoft doesn’t want that to happen,do you want to know why? Well I’m telling you anyway, they want to release the game on more platforms, I’m fine with that but do you really want to piss off Nintendo fans…do you?

Rayman Legends NFC

Yet I can see something positive coming from this, do you remember the leaked trailer from April 2012? Well if Ubisoft play their cards right they might actually turn this thing over by adding NFC don’t you think! Nintendo did say their are lots of unannounced 3rd party games in development, and the also said that lots of NFC supporting games are coming by the end of the year, if Ubisoft actually play it right and let Ubisoft Montpellier add that then heaven is back on earth.

Thanks for reading gamers, I just want to note that the DMC review might come a little late because I got really sick so I couldn’t play the game for some time


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