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Hello everyone and welcome back to a new GeekLife: Blogging. Last time we talked about games, this time we’re talking movies!

Lots of people have bringing up that Hollywood is all filled with movies, everything has been thought of before, and lots of bla bla bla. Well I need to tell these guys something they really need to here…well read. Movies can’t get something new like gaming, the new thing we can see movies get are stuff like digital 3D and 4D stuff come on!

Oh wait! Now someone will come up with something that says they want to see some kind of new genre I’ll say, one of my friends told me that The Hobbit (Read GeekLife Review here“stole” the idea of The Lord Of The Rings… For crying out loud did you watch the movies or even read the stories? The movie is based on The Lord Of The Rings’s time and story, please haters, before you talk, just think.

The Avengers

Then we’ll have to say The Avengers, to tell you the truth Marvel is my favorite movies company, it’s even owned by Disney. Disney Channel is my favorite channel alongside Disney XD and CartoonNetwork on Saturdays, the point is some people hate on The Avengers because it’s about heroes, they say heroes thing is old, you know what maybe Hollywood is filled with movies up to it’s forehead, but that is not bad.

We don’t have much new stuff to add as in people that act and their powers or their life, but we do have a new story, new character, and a new way of telling it.

What about The Dark Knight Rises, I went to watch it with a couple of my friends and I can accept the fact they hated it, but I can’t accept the stooped reason they gave me which is The movie is so fake, nothing can happen in real life, the bomb should have killed him so how did he survive. Dude you should have seen you’re face, if you don’t want the movie to be action then go watch a chick-flick, nothing wrong with that.

Star Wars

We also have StarWars, I’m not that big of a fan to tell you the truth, but I know that if any kind of franchise, or series has this much of dedicated followers then it deserves respect, but one dummy comes in and says if you are a StarWars fan then you are a nerd(not a geek) then he needs to be killed.

I also want to note something about movies, unlike games you can’t compare movies of different genres or types, take High School Musical and Saw series, how in the world are we going to compare these, take Resident Evil and any other movie of a different type, sometimes I can’t compare movies of the same type because it couldn’t be fair whatsoever.

I can go on and on especially in the country I live in were these types of people are everywhere but that is enough, I hope you enjoyed the article and thanks for reading.

I want to remind everyone that I started working on a review for DMC: Devil May Cry so stay tuned.


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