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Hello gamers and welcome back to another GeekLife: Blogging article in which today I’ll be talking about something called technology, and by the means of technology… The future.

I know everyone wants to think.dream.perform anything they want, the reason I chose technology is the fact that everything we have in our hands like the one you are using now to read these words is technological. None of this would have happened, neither games, nor movies, maybe even nothing of what we love right?

Well we don’t have to think what could have happened because we are already here, and I’m guessing you are kind of my age and can’t do anything right now but learn what you love(and some other stuff).  But come on, can you help but think of what might happen? Just think!

Hologram devices should be cool now that 3D and HD is here, and though I’m one heck of a Nintendo lover, I still think motion gaming went wrong and it should have gotten better. But Nintendo is not the only one messing up…  Who in the world is working on that tongue feeling thing because I only have one command for my tongue and it’s… Tasting (You little dirty minded freak)

What about having more depth in stuff, I always wanted to put something like glasses on my head, sit down and get to actually be in the game walking as thoughts crawl through my mind.

iris scan security

The thing is, lots of out future imaginations have been already made..Made wrong. AR is here right? Its cool! But it’s not done as it should be, it needs to have niche and polished looks, and the truth is, the 3DS did it kind of right because the games look good, but they aren’t that good!

Wait! I remember something made were you step into a giant ball connected to the TV somehow and move you’re character by moving yourself, sounds cool right? Well you will say it’s cool until you know that it costs $24000 (You should have seen you’re face dude)

By now I think you know what I meant by doing it wrong, theirs a saying in my country that says Everything is at it’s best when it’s done at it’s time” and trust me, if anything else costs as much as this device costs… We’re in big trouble. I still have a lot more to talk about, what about NFC? NFC has been put into great use in Nokia Phones…Kind of. It’s also doing great for Activision in Skylanders, and we need to wait and see what happens on the Wii U with it.

Don’t you even think about ignoring the awesome devices we see in movies and games everywhere, think of these hologram touch based computers.

Technology Hologram Touch Based


These things sound awesome but it’s still not here and I need to say nowadays were so stuck in our future thoughts that we forget the present and the fact that come on we cant pay all this money, stuff like that $24000 ball is still too early to even be alive but these companies won’t stop, take the Vita or the PS3 for example, these two do not come cheap, even the 3DS wasn’t up until Miyamoto came in and gave us the price drop right?

Feel free to share you’re thoughts in the comments below, tell me what you think and thanks for reading the article, until next time…

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