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What is up gamers, how are you all doing? Hope you already read my last two reviews because I’m working on some more. But now I need to turn from the review side and get to the blogging articles in which you need to know that in the coming days.

I’ll be talking about what we need to see happen in our geeky future in an article for each, starting from comics today, mangas, movies, games and more!

Comics have been a delight to read, but Ii can’t deny the fact that comics became a thing of the past for some, the most people I see reading comics now are the ones that are actually totally into it, for a gamer we call them hardcore and dedicated, for comics I’ll call them awesome and fun!

Let us look at Marvel now, or any Comic writer, have you seen anyone run towards them for autographs? Well yes but that is only the dedicated audience as I say, comics now need a new twist more than ever so that they get a larger audience, reading Marvel Comics on an iphone is cool, on the ipad… even better! But is their someone else feeling we need a twist?

I don’t have lots of words to say but I do have a thought in my mind that needs to happen, we need a new hero, for crying out loud make it two, twins should be good, maybe evil twins right? In simple words: We need new heroes/villains that change that typical meaning of heroism in an idea we never thought of before.



I for once want to read an actual comic about a hero becoming evil, the right people turn out to be wrong, maybe even two heroes fighting each other for their own planet, I want something I won’t expect in a million years… Whoever can do it with the right amount of fans and readers up his sleeve should be winning over big times!

That needs to be a slogan for someone right? Think of something, are you sure you like it first? Does it have a twist? If it does then you’re on the right track to victory, fame, and fortune.


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