GeekLife Review: PES 2013

PES 2013

Yup! Most websites don’t blog on Sundays but not me.

This time fellow geeks I’ll be reviewing a game which is the first GeekLife review of a game, and judging by the good looking image you’d guess that the game I’m reviewing is Konami’s yearly Football game PES.

However I’m going to inform you that unlike the picture above, the game fails to make me love it as I want to.

PES 2013 isn’t a bad game, but it’s not good either. Konami tries too hard to make it a real Football experience and end up making the gameplay terrible and really frustrating.

When playing you’ll encounter some flaws, the most annoying indeed is the fact that most of the times when passing, the player won’t be giving the pass to the exact player you directed it to reach, though that could be me directing the analog wrong, but after watching my friends have the same problem… DAMN!

Oh and speaking of my friends, having fun playing against each other is as fun as always and to tell you the truth it’s more fun playing together PES than Fifa.

PES 2013 Chelsea vs Arsenal

The best thing in the match now is that you have to pass the ball, you can’t run the entire stadium with Messi like you used to do before, I’d also appreciate it if you let me have the choice of stopping a player from taking the ball from the other team when I don’t want him to (So he takes an advantage and I don’t get booked).

Football Life is better than it ever was and the Master League is also fun especially when it’s online parts, whereas Become a Legend is fun in its own way of playing with one player and take it from me… Do not let you’re player have a defensive position at all.

It’s also still fun to play UEFA Champions League when you want to, although it is an old idea that can’t be improved anyway.

PES 2013 UEFA Champions League

Well the game seems good up till now, but here’s a problem you’ll absolutely hate, right now I’ll give Konami a strong well written letter from its fans.

Dear Konami, please don’t name the teams as you wish, Chelsea isn’t called London  FC, and that is not Chelsea’s flag, we still have some problems differing between East London-North East London- London FC or whatever you call them, trust me I won’t be buying PES 14 if you don’t fix this incredibly annoying situation

The Training is really good for players that like to show off their amazing game online, but you don’t have to put this annoying notification that makes me feel I stink because I don’t want to do the training methods.

PES 2013 Training

The soundtrack is always fun to hear when in the Main Menu, but you need to make it better in the Master League Menu because dedicated players spend lots of time there.

————————————————————The Verdict————————————————————

As a fan of Football I say this game is the best PES game yet, it has lots of flaws that can be easily solved by a company like Konami, and trust me, with the current Fifa bugs PES should be able to beat Fifa next year if you delete the flaws and maybe add some tweaks of you’re own.




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