GeekLife Review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit

I told everyone that I won’t be talking about games only right? One doesn’t simply call a blog Geeky for nothing right?

This time I’ll be reviewing an awesome movie recently released… Kind of. This movie already had fans craving for it for almost a year and it enjoyed one heck of a release. This movie is… The Hobbit.

The Hobbit talks about the adventure of Bilbo Baggins, who happens to be the Grandfather of the star hobbit from The Lord of The Rings movie series Frodo.

The movie is actually Bilbo writing about his adventure in a book, and most likely he’ll give it to Frodo to read.

The Hobbit Frodo

Although the movie is called The Hobbit, and Bilbo looks likely to be starring it, Gandalf is the real deal, he’s the one that ties the whole story together. You’ll also love the fact that there are 5 wizards, 3 of them seen in the movie while 2 are probably to be seen in the next two sequels in 2013 & 2014.

You’ll also love the fact that lots of older characters will show up, and practically iconic new ones that bring a dramatic scene and some funny ones too, but there is one character that’ll make you scream when you see, he’s slick, smart but stooped, good but evil, ugly but beautiful compared to ones of his kind.

The sound effects were amazingly awesome and the digital 3D makes it much better, and if you happen to have a 3D TV then you need to go thank Sony about it this time.

Although I wasn’t able to find a single flaw in the movie, I noticed that some people hate the old days feeling of the movie and hate the fact that it’s almost 3 hours long (I would’ve enjoyed it if it was longer to tell you the truth but these words are deal breakers… Not for me!)

Since the movie is as long as its sister series so I recommend you get all you’re food ready before starting the Blu-ray disc because once it starts, it hurts to think about pausing it, and just to add it, the start of the movie will tell you why Dwarves hate Elves, but I think that’s enough spoilers for people who somehow happened to not watch the movie yet.

The Hobbit Image

You might want to know that the movie was really filled with fantasy, even more than The Lord Of The Rings, trust me it’ll really make Lord of The Ring look real when compared to it.

The Verdict

The Hobbit happens to be somehow a sequel to a movie but a prequel to it’s story too, (you’ll love this sentence if you watch the movie again) seeing all these awesome characters will bring you back to the old board game days that you might hate, only you’ll like it this time.

It brought out an amazing story and made it even better, a dream comes true for Lord of the Rings fans, but maybe not for ones who hated it.


Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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