Geek Life: Super Hero Spotlight – Spiderman

Spiderman has always been one of the most popular heroes out there.He was the hero that inspired the future for Comicbook Movies that are currently singlehandedly keeping the box office alive. Even before that when someone thought of heroes they’d think of Superman, Batman, The Hulk, and Spiderman (at least before the Marvel Movies). I do have to say though I really do enjoy how the Comicbook movies have brought a lot of great heroes to ┬áthe public. Before then, comicbook heroes were only really known by comicbook readers. Spiderman was the perfect figure to expand the superhero world to more people. He has always been a big icon and I find the reason is (or was, depending on the comic series you’re reading) his age. Peter is at an age between childhood and adulthood and at the same time he is also both a brilliant scientist as well as a sarcastic cool guy when behind the mask. Spiderman is a person who everyone relates to. He gets all of this power and he uses it to fulfill some people’s wildest dreams of being a superhero, but as it happens Peter also suffers the consequences of being a hero. Unlike many heroes, he has an approval rating, he does his work despite the world being (seemingly) against him. We spend a lot of time with Spidey as he tries to figure things out whether its life trouble, stresses of his work, his hopes, his dreams, his struggle between Peter and Spiderman. Spiderman has to be one of the most genuine characters in the superhero world.


Now let me make this clear, there are A LOT, I mean A LOT of different continuities of Spiderman. He has many story lines and arches, arguably he is the most retooled character in Comicbooks, probably because of his character and a writers desire to work with a character like that. Let me just explain what is the most common trait of the origin. The High school misfit and genius, Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider that give him the abilities of multiple species of Spider. During his time as a hero, he has been placed biasedly as a menace by the media and he goes through a lot of turmoil when all he is trying to do is help. Spiderman’s Spider abilities include, increased strength, a “Spider Sense” to alert him of danger, super human acrobics, the ability to climb walls and shoot webs (depending on the continuity the webs can come from either a web shooter Peter designed or it can come naturally from his wrists). He isn’t invulnerable though, so he can be killed like any other human (its just harder to get him). He also can get very emotionally distracted in times of stress. His scientific skills always comes in handy and he always tries anything he can to find answers to his problems.


I think at this point its clear what I like about Spiderman. He definitely deserves the place he is in the comicbook world. Everyone always asks people who discusses Spiderman right now is which Spidey movies are better. Well I find that both had different things that made them memorable, and they had an equal amount of flaws. I do think the new Spiderman movies are better, but again both the movie series did what they did well and I don’t hate the older series. In fact I made sure I had the original trilogy on DVD and I intend to do the same with the new Spidey movies. However its important to remember in the grand scheme of things, its not all about the movies. Spiderman has always been one of the most well written characters in the superhero world.